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  • Electrolyzed PEM ozone technology, only tap water needed, non-tonic and chemical free.
  • 280ml portable all in one design, one charge can be used 40 times. 1-2.5PPM high concentration.
  • Ozone on demand, internal pump, battery, and ozone cell with easy replacement locally. Save costs and protect the environment.
  • Multipurpose ozone cleaning, sanitizing & deodorizing.

Sanitizing Spray Bottle Overview

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How to use Ozone sanitation machine

Fill ozone spray bottle with cold ordinary tap water . Press the start button to work immediately (ozone on-demand) which illuminates a blue light indicating ozone is being produced.

If the red light is flashing ,this indicates the battery is at the end of its life please re-charge the battery at once, in charge mode the light will be red and when fully charged it will switch to green

If there are few or no bubbles make sure that you are using tap water, because pure water or distilled water will not conduct a proper charge due to the lack of ions/minerals. TDS must be equal to 100mg/L or greater.

Due to its automated nozzle design, using it for longer than 40 seconds is not recommended,as it is important to protect the pump lifespan and keep it is in great working order.

After 40 seconds spraying, please wait for 20 seconds before operating again.

water injection

Fill with Tap water

280ml tap water

ozone generation

One Kye to Start

Ozone on site and Ozone on demand

ozone spray

Simply Get the Germs Away

99.99% sterilize power

Lifetime and reliability of Ozone sanitation bottle

Ozone cell of sanitizing spray bottle

Ozone Cell

Ozone cell lifetime 500-700 hours

battery of sanitizing spray


1200mah battery lifetime 500 cycles

pump of sanitizing spray bottle


Pump lifetime 200 hours times

Ozone water spray custom service

sanitizing spray bottle custom your logo

Logo Custom

Support logo printing on ABS chassis in any color and flexible size design.

sanitizing spray bottle color custom

Chassis color custom

Ozone sprayer bottle chassis support any color to custom.

sanitizing spray bottle color box custom

Rating label custom

Logo, Color box, Support customization according to Pantone No. MOQ 500pcs/model with logo and MOQ 1000 to make OEM box. Meanwhile we have rich experience and professional RD team to support re-design or customization service.

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Ozone spray bottle Wholesale

BAERAIN Offers Ozone Generator and Aqueous Ozone sprayer generator wholesale service, You can purchase directly from us to get direct price & inventory fast shipment,Our experienced sales team understand import and export procedures well to choose the most efficient logistic options for speedy delivery.

Our product team is focused on new product development, trends and new opportunities.

Water spray Ozonizer supplier& manufacturing

BAERAIN is a manufacturer of water sprayer ozonizers, Our main marketing includes, but is not limited to Japan, south Korea, USA, Europe, and the UK etc.  

The production capacity of this ozone sprayer is 500pc/Day. Generally, the lead times are 2-3 weeks. The products  will be inspected before delivery by our  QC team as per our AQL standard.(0.65:1.5)


Beauty Care Center

Beauty Care Center

Kitchen Sterilizing

Kitchen Sterilizing

Hospital Sanitizing

Hospital Sanitizing

Household Sterilize

Living Room Purify

Bed Mites Removal

Bed Mites Removal

Pets Care & Treatment

Pets Care & Treatment

More Applications

The Ozone water generator is a safe portable sterilizer, sanitizer, deodorizer, It is also an ideal application to home appliances for cleaning, washing vegetables, laundry machine, ecological agriculture, garbage transfer station, rubbish trucks, and cleaning cars, etc. It is an Eco-friendly disinfectant. 

Our team can offer more specific applicantscations or custom demands tailored to your needs.

3 in 1 multipurpose cleaner, sanitizer, and deodorizer

Ozone water is  eliminate bacteria by destroying the cell wall and the interior of bacteria, structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. This includes, but is not limited to Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus, etc.

Ozone is ideal to replace most chemical cleaners such as hocl acid water, bleach water, and medical alcohol. Widely applied for hand sanitizing, pet deodorization, fruits pesticide removal, mites removal,air purifying, and cleaning etc.

It only takes a few seconds to get 99% of germs away.Ozone is a natural and chemical free disinfectant used to protect earth and keep people  healthy.

sterilize power ozone sprayer

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After sales service

The ozone sprayer bottle offer 1 years limited warranty since purchased date, within warranty we offer free replacement or prior spares.

Sanitizing Spray Bottle Specifications

Model No.

Aqueous Ozone Generator

Sanitizing Spray Bottle

Ozone Sprayer


Pink,Grey,White, Black, Blue




Aluminum Alloy chassis +ABS+PET


Aluminum Alloy chassis +ABS

Water Capacity





1-2ppm mg/L

1-2.5ppm mg/L

1-3ppm mg/L

Operation time

30 &60 seconds

Ozone on demand

90/180/270 seconds





Spares Replacement




Charging Port




Operation Method


Ozone on demand


Net Weight





134.2 *28* 28 mm

220*60*60 mm

102*79*200 mm

Power Adapter




Operation Temperature

0-40 degrees

0-40 degrees

0-40 degrees

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