Wholesale Custom Ozone Generators

Aqueous ozone generator

Mini multipurpose personal 20ml ozone water sprayer bottle takes 30 seconds for  99.99% sterilization, clean, sanitizing. odor removal.

300ml Stabilized aqueous sprayer bottle for household disinfectant, pets odor deodorization and food pesticide residues remove.

Chemical free 280ml ozone on demands sanitizing spray bottle water for home clean, bathroom odor remove, pets personal care ,beauty care .

Mini size portable ozone water generator for dental application and sterilize,  homemade 500ml natural disinfectant once a click .

1-10L tap water PEM portable ozone generator take 5 minutes for vegetables, fruits clean and pesticide residues remove.

Plug & play portable denture ozone generator for oral care. denture clean , toothbrush sterilize and gargling.

PEM Core Technology

The PEM Electrolysis technology through  low-voltage electrode to conduct a special solid membrane surface. The water will be electrolyzed ,separate to hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen atoms gain energy under high current and polymerize into ozone.

PEM electrolysis resistance technology  with advantages of easy operation and installation, high safety factor, long lifetime, strong environmental operation, high plot and high characteristics etc. For oxygen and microorganisms are directly discharged into the air through argon, and there will be no harmful substances in the generated gas except oxygen and microorganisms. Even during operation people is safe to stay close.

Normally when working with tap water,  20% ozone water will be made, Due to 5-20V low-voltage operation, the electrode will obtain best protection and make sure the ozone cell/plate/electrode lifetime reach to 500-700 hours.

PEM electrolytic ozone cell

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