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  • Leading PEM electrolysis ozone technology without residual, only tap water needed;
  • 300ml portable design, one charge can be used 40 times. 2-3PPM high concentration;
  • All in one design, internal pump, battery, and ozone cell with easy replacement locally. Save costs and protect the environment.
  • Inner filter inside perfectly solves the problem of the nozzle getting stuck due to long-term use.

Ozone Sprayer Overview

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How to use the new ozone generator sprayer

Fill ozone sprayer with cold ordinary tap water. Press start button for 3 seconds which illuminates a blue light indicating ozone is being produced for 90 second model. By pressing the button continuously twice the orange light will come on indicating a 180 second model. By pressing the button continuously 3 times the red light will come on indicating a 270 second model.

Red light flashing indicates battery is depleted. In charge mode the light will be red and when fully charged will switch to green.

If there are few or no bubbles make sure that you are using tap water, because pure water or distilled water will not conduct a proper charge due to the lack of ions/minerals. TDS must be equal to 70mg/L or greater.

Due to its automated nozzle design, using it for longer than 40 seconds is not recommended, as it is important to protect the pump lifespan and keep it is in great working order. After 40 seconds spraying, please wait for 20 seconds before operating again.

Water injection step1

Fill with Tap water

300ml tap water

ozone generation step2

Power on Ozone Generation

90 Sec. (Blue)&180 Sec.(Orange)& 270 Sec.(Red)

Ozone Spray step3

Simply Get the Germs Away

99.99% sterilize power

Lifetime and reliability of ozone cleaner spray



1200mah battery lifetime 500 cycles, local replacement



Filter sponge 500-700 hours times, local replacement

Ozone cell

Ozone cell

Ozone cell lifetime 500-700 hours, local replacement



Pump lifetime 200 hours times, local replacement

Ozone water spray custom service

logo custom

Logo Customized

Support logo engraving on Aluminum Alloy chassis in black.
Max. size L/50mm, W/20mm

window sharp custom

Window Sharp Customized

Custom window sharp of ozone sprayer bottle

color box

Box Customized

Low MOQ at 500pcs single order to accept custom color box design

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Spray Ozone Wholesale

BAERAIN is a manufacturer of ozone generator with 5 years’ industry experience. We are focused on a niche market with booming prospects for cleaning and disinfection. All our products come with exclusive and private designs which enable at least 30% ROI for your wholesale business.

To resell ozone sprayer generators we accept MOQ 500 trial orders to test marketing. Our products are approved with CE, FCC, ROHS certifications. Virus elimination and SDS reports are ready for you.

Water spray Ozonizer supplier & manufacturing

BAERAIN is a technology-based enterprise, focused on the integration of electrolytic ozone water generator manufacturing. Baerain has an independent research and development team and independent production capabilities.  Our sales network covers Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other domestic and overseas markets. We commit to offer customized OEM/ODM services for domestic and foreign brands.

At present, our products are widely used in household, outdoor, beauty, personal care, and other fields. In-depth customized collaborations have been established with leading brands in these fields.

Baerain always pursues concept of “focusing on the industry, proficient in products, dedicated service, and win-win cooperation” for many years. Our technical team has excellent innovation and research and development capabilities, as well as rich product development experience. The flexible customized cooperation model can fully meet different requirements of customers for customization. We hope to deepen the market with customers and develop cost-effective ozone products that are well-loved by the market.

 At the same time, we strive to contribute to the protection of the earth with the of ozone water generator.

Let mankind enjoy the happiness brought by great health.

It is our responsibility to protect the earth and build a beautiful home and customer satisfaction has always been our pursuit.


Hospital Sanitizing

Hospital Sanitizing

Household Sterilize

Household Sterilize

Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

Seafood Processing

Seafood Processing

Plants Hydroponics

Plants Hydroponics

Pets Care & Treatment

Pets Care & Treatment

More Applications

Ozone water is a safe sterilizer, sanitizer, deodorizer, it is also an ideal application to home appliances for cleaning, vegetable washing, laundry machine, ecological agriculture, garbage transfer stations, rubbish trucks, cleaning cars etc. It is an eco-friendly disinfectant.

3 in 1 multipurpose cleaner sanitizer and deodorizer

Ozone water eliminates bacteria by destroying the cell wall and the interior of bacteria, structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. This includes, but is not limited to Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus etc.

Ozone is ideal to replace most chemical cleaners such as hocl acid water, bleach water, and medical alcohol. Widely applied for hand sanitizing, pet deodorization, fruits pesticide removal, mites removal, air purifying, and cleaning etc.

It only takes a few seconds to get 99% of germs away. Ozone is a natural and chemical free disinfectant used to protect earth and keep people healthy.

sterilize power ozone sprayer

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After sales service

The ozone sprayer bottle offer 1 years limited warranty since purchased date, within warranty we offer free replacement or prior spares.

Ozone Sprayer Specifications

Model No.

Aqueous Ozone Generator

Sanitizing Spray Bottle

Ozone Sprayer


Pink,Grey,White, Black, Blue




Aluminum Alloy chassis +ABS+PET


Aluminum Alloy chassis +ABS

Water Capacity





1-2ppm mg/L

1-2.5ppm mg/L

1-3ppm mg/L

Operation time

30 &60 seconds

Ozone on demand 

90/180/270 seconds





Spares Replacement




Charging Port




Operation Method


Ozone on demand


Net Weight





134.2 *28* 28 mm

102*79*200 mm

220*60*60 mm

Power Adapter




Operation Temperature

0-40 degrees

0-40 degrees

0-40 degrees

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