Electrolytic Ozone Generator Supplier & Manufacturer

  • Portable Electrolyser Ozone Generator , small size and compact design;
  • 2&5 mins multiple  timers for operation , water capacity 500ml, 1-2mg/L high concentration.
  • USB plug & play design, one key to start, and only tap water needed.

Electrolytic Ozone Generator Overview

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Electrolyzer ozone generator tips before use

step 1 water injection

Tap Water Only

500ml max.

step 2 one key to start

One Click to Start

2 mins (green)& 5 mins (blue) functions optional

step 3 sterilize

Simply Get the Germs Away

99.99% sterilize power

  • Step1 – Clean municipal tap water directly, do not add any other electrolytes and keep ozone generator immersed into water completely. Every click max. Water capacity 500ml.
  • Step2 – Timers support 2 different operation functions, 2 mins (green)& 5 mins (blue) options. The controller/timer protects against daily splashes, but please do not rinse with water.
  • Step 3 – Ozone water generation for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorization.

Please note: Different water source will generate a different number of bubbles, Higher TDS normally generates higher concentration ozone water,TDS must be equal to 100mg/L or greater. Any pure water,bottle water, or reverse osmosis water is note allowed to be used.

The water after the ozone generation should not be drunk straight away.


Lifetime and reliability of portable Ozone generator cell

Ozone cell of electrolytic Ozone generator

Ozone Cell

Ozone cell lifetime 500-700 hours

power swtich of electrolytic Ozone generator

Power Swtich

Timer switch lifetime 50000 times

usb connector of electrolytic Ozone generator

USB Connector

USB connection lifetime 100000 times

Ozone generator electrolic custom service

logo custom of electrolytic Ozone generator

Customized Logo

ABS Chassis and timer both support logo customization

Timer function custom of electrolytic Ozone generator

Customized Cable

Cable length, cable colors, and connectors

cable length custom of electrolytic Ozone generator

Customized Timer

Timer connector, functions, and light indicators

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Range of use dissolved Ozone generator

The ozone water made by the EOG can be used to sterilize the surface of most objects. but it is not suitable for following situation.

Do not used for copper, iron, and other metal items to avoid the possibility of oxidation. Do not used for dyed fabrics,etc. to avoid the possibility of discoloration.

Applications suitable but not limited to sterilizing household, kitchen,  fruits & vegetables, toys, M&K, hands, office, tableware deodorization, bathroom, shoes, air purify and clean.

Electrolytic Ozone generator wholesale

BAERAIN is a Portable( EOG )Electrolytic O3 generator wholesale since 2015, Our  Ozone product is widely distributed to Japan and South Korea within dental, humidifier, RV camping, outdoor, and beauty industries, We accept OEM ODM custom order requests for brand sellers.

Products are manufactured in compliance with CE, FCC, ROHS, and KC certifications and sterilize power reports for you to resell or use to support your marketing.

Mini electrolyzer Ozone supplier & manufacturing

BAERAIN is a high-tech manufacturer of Ozone generators and has an independent R&D department and production capabilities. Our team concept is focused on vertical industries, high quality products,customer-centric services.and win-win Collaborations.This is how we serve our partners. Our technical team has excellent innovation, and research and development capabilities. Offering flexible customized services which fully meet the different requirements of our customers. We hope to deepen our presence in the market  and develop cost-effective well-loved products.

It is our responsibility to protect the earth and help build a beautiful home. Customer satisfaction has always been our pursuit.


Air purify

Air Purify

Air humidifier

Air Humidifier

baby care

Baby Care


Cleaning Tableware


Cleaning Fruit


Washing Vegetables

More Applications

The Electrolytic Ozone Water Generator is a safe portable sterilizer, sanitizer and deodorizer, It is widely applied to home appliances for cleaning, washing vegetable laundry machine, ecological agriculture, garbage transfer stations, rubbish trucks, cleaning cars, denture cleaning, dental clinic etc. 

Our team can offer you tailored proposals for more specific applycations or custom demands.

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After sales service

Dissolved Ozone Generator comes with a  1- year after-sales service from the date of invoice shipment.

Electrolytic Ozone Generator Specifications

Model No.

Electrolysis Ozone Generator

Ozone Water Generator






304 Stainless stell

Water Capacity




1-2ppm mg/L

1-3PPM mg/L

Operation time

2&5 mins

5&10&15 mins




Charging Port

USB A without adapter

USB A without adapter

Operation Method



Net Weight






Power Adapter



Operation Temperature

0-40 degrees

0-40 degrees


2 mins/500ml water(1ppm)

Personal: hand washing, face washing, oral care

Food: Sterilization and freshness of fish,vegetables, fruits etc.

Items: Towels, knife cleaning, milk bottle disinfection,clean tables and chairs, watering and spraying harmful bacteria.

5 mins/500 ml wate( 2 ppm)

Individuals: dentures, orthodontic braces

Commodity: Cutting board cleaning, toy disinfection

Environment: space deodorization

10 mins/ 1-10 L water(1-2 ppm)

Food: Sterilization and freshness of fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables pesticide removal,

Items: Towels, knife cleaning, milk bottle disinfection,clean tables and chairs,watering and spraying harmful bacteria.

Individuals: dentures, orthodontic braces sterilize

Commodity: Cutting board cleaning, toy disinfection

Environment: space deodorization

Household:Clothes washing, Carpet, sofa, kitchen, refrigerator, tablets, etc.

Pets, bathroom odor removal.

Plants growing etc.

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