Ozone Denture Cleaner Supplier & Manufacturer

  • Dental Ozone generator, compact & portable design.
  • 5 mins one key to start for ozone water generation, 250ml tap water support, 1-2mg/L high concentration.
  • USB plug & play design, healthy to replace all mouth washer and tablets to clean dentures.
  • 3 in 1 multipurpose Ozone cleaning, sanitizing ,& deodorizing solution.

Ozone Denture Cleaner Overview


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3 steps with Ozone to replace tables for denture clean

Step 1: Fill with tap water and return it to the  charging bracket.

Step 2: One key to start 5 mins ozone operation model, PPM 1-2mg/L.

Step 3: Ozone water for denture clean and care. Convenient operation.

water injection Ozone denture cleaner

Tap Water Only

250ml max.

one key to start Ozone denture cleaner

One Click to Start

5 mins to operate

ozone generation Ozone denture cleaner

Simply Get the Germs Away

99.99% sterilize power

Lifetime of ozone plate inside

power on swtich Ozone denture cleaner

Power Switch

Power on switch lifetime 50,000 times

Type-c connector Ozone denture cleaner

USB-C Connector

USB C connectors 100,000 times plug&play

Switch shrapnel Ozone denture cleaner

Switch Shrapnel

Switch shrapnel lifetime 100,000 times

ozone cell Ozone denture cleaner

Ozone Cell

Ozone cell lifetime 500-700 hours.

Denture cleaner custom service

logo custom denture cleaner

Customized Logo

logo customization support silk print on the bracket or cup body.

wireless charge function denture cleaner

Customized Charging Method

Wireless charge or battery standby to replace usb c connector, more spaces.

color custom denture cleaner

Customized Color

ABS chassis, cup body, silicon parts, logo color custom

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Denture cleaner wholesale

BAERAIN  is  a denture Ozone cleaner wholesaler in china , we support the  resell of ozone generators at MOQ 500,  Our sales and marketing team will support your  import, export, shipment and even rating label or marketing post design needs,We can be your one-stop solution for all your Ozone products.

Ozone denture care machine supplier & manufacturing

BAERAIN is a supplier of Ozone water generators with independent R&D departments and production capabilities. Baerain always pursues concept of  “focus on the industry, proficient in products, dedicated  service, and win-win cooperation” for many years. Our technical team has excellent innovation and research and development capabilities, as well as rich product Development experience. The flexible customized cooperation model can fully meet different requirements of customers for customization. We hope to deepen the market with customers and develop cost-effective products that are well-loved by the market.

At the same time, we strive to contribute to the protection of the earth with the of ozone water generator.

Let mankind enjoy the happiness brought by great health.

It is our responsibility to protect the earth and build a beautiful home and customer satisfaction has always been our pursuit.



Denture Cleaning

Denture Cleaning

Tooth Brush Sterilize

Tooth Brush Sterilize

Gargling &oral care

Gargling & Oral Care

Mouth Washer replacement

Mouth Washer Replacement

Braces Cleaning

Braces Cleaning

effervescent tablets replacement

Effervescent Tablets Replacement

More Applications

Ozone is good for the healthcare and density industries.

Professional denture cleaning solution provider

Nowadays, common denture washing methods on the market are brushing with toothpaste and powder brushing or soaking the teeth. However,those methods are too complicated and take a long time. Ozone Water is also used for denture cleaning and care, it can be widely  and is 100% safe for oral care.

BAERAIN’s team have developed a new O3 denture cleaner. The operation is quite simple, for both older people and young kids it is easy to handle as its on-key to start design.

 It connects with a 5V/2A power adapter via USB cord, turn on the button to quickly generate high-concentration ozone water. After 5 minutes, the O3 water concentration reaches 1-2PPM and sterilization is finished.

To brush teeth, because of its separate design, the ozone generator body can be taken from the bottom bracket at any time. It contains 250ML tap water to generate Ozone water and for brushing teeth. The liquid ozone water is ok to be used in the oral cavity to prevent bad breath, pharyngitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontal Inflammation, and sores in the mouth and tongue, etc.

Portable denture cleaning machine for denture care

Ozone water can be widely used to sterilize dentures because it is a pure natural bactericide. It ionizes oxygen atoms in water into ozone molecules through low-pressure PEM electrolysis technology. The production is mainly oxygen atoms and a small amount of OH-, and finally Ozone molecules will be reduced to oxygen, so it is 100% chemical-free , even if it is in direct contact with the oral cavity, it is safe.

It takes 15 minutes for effervescent tablets to disinfect dentures. One tablet a day requires long-term repurchase. The ozone denture cleaning machine can be reused. The electrolytic plate inside support work for 500-700 hours. If we use once a day. It will support max. of 6000 times, that’s for as long as 20 years.

On the other hand, mouthwash is currently the mainstream oral care solution, and the repurchase cost is very high. But when one ozone water generator can replace mouthwash and effervescent tablets at the same time,  it definitely helps protect the earth’s environmental, reduce plastic pollution, and saves on  purchasing costs.

Ozone water for teeth brush sterilize

Usually, toothbrushes are placed in a humid bathroom environment after use, which makes it easy to breed bacteria. Through inspection, we found that the toothbrush head has more than 2 million bacteria on, which is astonishing as  the average toilet lid has 50,000 bacteria on  it. So, it is necessary to replace the toothbrush every three months or keep the toothbrush  sterilized. This ozone water generator can effectively eliminate common bacteria such as Escherichia coli Mutant Streptococcus etc.and can achieve 99% complete sterilization.

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After sales service

Dissolved Ozone Generator support 1 year after-sales service since the date of invoice shipment.

Ozone Denture Cleaner Specifications

Model No.

Denture Ozone Generator





Water Volume



1-2ppm mg/L

Operation time

5 mins



Charging Port

USB A without adapter

Operation Method


Net Weight




Power Adapter


Operation Temperature

0-40 degrees


Teeth-brush clean and sterilize, denture, bracket clean &care, oral care.

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