Baerain wishes you a Merry Christmas and a 2022 Happy New Year.

Baerain team wish

Baerain is a custom ozonator manufacturer operating in China since 2015. Every year we have a niche product road map of ozone generators, and in 2021 we developed 5 new ozone water generators and all of them now are in the  mass production stage, with great feedback from our partners in South east Asia, North Europe, and the USA. We also  finished tje re-design of o-pen, which is a portable ozone water purifier that works with 500ml tap water ,  and an ozone sprayer bottle customized project.  We work with our valued partners and sell products to the US and Europe.

In the coming new year of 2022, we have  plans for  more new ozone generator, such as large size ozone water generators, for example, portable ones with a tank for cleaning.large water capacity with tube for home use, mini ozone humidifier, ozone face steamers, and ozone face washer etc. We will be more focused on beauty, pets care, and industrial application in 2022. Our product team already made a specific road map of new ozone products and we are very much looking forward to hearing your new ideas for possible cooperations.

We appreciated all our customer s’support , since COVID-19 pandemic, the business environment is becoming more and more complicated, In 2021, raw materials and shipment cost all increased too much for import and export, as ozone generator sit in  the category of disinfectant, even during the pandemic the demands of marketing were increased and people started to care more about personal care , healthy and safety. When comparing with ozone air, aqueous ozone is a new trend as it is much  safe for people.

we hope to build our partnerships in 2022 and hope we can work together in the new year in this niche marketing.

Take advantage of the new year and Christmas holiday, our team send our best wishes to your family and  teams . Happy New Year!

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