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E.O.G. Ozone generator for Hydroponics Plant

Ozone PPM higher than 2PPM mg/L is good for Hydroponics Plants ,High-concentration ozone water is widely used in soilless cultivation and greenhouse cultivation of fruits and vegetables in Japan; crops cultivated with ozone water even do not use pesticides their growth and morbidity rates are significantly better than parts which use pesticides to sterilize . Experiments show that ozone water can degrade pesticides, and the key to degrading pesticides depends on the effective concentration of ozone or ozonized water, it shows its concentration must be> 2mg/L to be effective.

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Advantages of BAERAIN’s Ozonator for food

The ozonizer machine for vegetables produced by BEARAIN is very use-friendly, the portable and compact design could be applied anywhere. ozone equipment cleaning machine can generate ozone water on sife and on demand, it supports one key to start and has 90/180/270 seconds 03 different operation models for wide Ozone PPM range. It support 300ml municipal tap water  for 99.99% sterilization to Instead of pesticides and make sure food without residues.

Considering earth protection and longer lifetime we made a removable design for ozone sprayer bottle, the pump, battery, ozone cell inside both support replacement locally by distributors. We only need to buy components separately from manufacturer.

Ozone cleaning machine to replace and remove pesticides

1. Saving cost and increased production

As ozone water can be reused, it will save the cost of purchasing pesticides. At the same time, as its chemical-free advantage the fruiting period of its crops will increase, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing production.

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2. The mechanism of food ozonizer instead of pesticides or other chemicals to kill plant diseases and insect pests

Utilizing the powerful oxidation effect of ozone, the glucose oxidase and cystathione oxidase of bacteria can be oxidized and decomposed, which can also lead to the destruction of the redox process of bacterial material metabolism, thereby inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria and causing the death of virus. The toxicological mechanism of ozone inhibits the oxidative decomposition of various enzymes in insects, thereby destroying the respiration and metabolism of the pests and suffocating them to death. At the same time, ozone water can eliminate plant leaf surface pathogens and viruses, and create a pollution-free ecological environment for plants to grow vigorously.

3. Ozone disinfection machine remove pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables

With the development of agricultural production and the progress of science and technology, pesticides are playing an increasingly important role in protecting crops, preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests, improving the living environment of human beings and control diseases. Due to widely use of pesticides, it  exists in crops. Among them, pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables are particularly more. Pesticides react with ozone to generate sulfur, phosphorus, carbon and other oxidations. or the corresponding acids and water, which degrade into non-toxic and harmless molecules.


Advantages and prospects of vegetable ozone cleaner

Ozone is a high-energy form of oxygen, which is very unstable. It will automatically reduce to oxygen in 20-30 mins. After use, it will not cause any secondary pollution or chemical residues on crops or the environment, it is absolutely safe and reliable. ozone water disinfectant does not contain nitrogen and oxygen compounds. (Nox) to damage plants or harm people’s healthy.

Electrolytic ozone water is getting more and more famous, it is an ideal proposal to replace more and more chemical cleaner and sterilizers .Not only for Agriculture but more sectors.

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